From WUT we will give you the visibility you deserve

With our platform you will connect your properties with the main booking websites, both on those you already are and those you are not. You can coordinate your messages, descriptions, photos and prices with just one click.

Have everything under control from a single Calendar, from any device, whenever and wherever you want.

Welcome to the All in One!

How to connect your reservations in three simple steps:

Select the reservation website you want to connect.

Register your accommodation and that's it!

We will copy the prices and information from the platform you tell us. We will connect one by one with those with whom you are already collaborating. No need to do anything manually, everything syncs instantly and in real time. It's that easy.

Choose the platform where you want to show yourself

Connect with more than 120 tourist rental platforms through XMLS and in real time. WUT will help you improve communication, increase sales and avoid overbookings. You will have all your updated prices and you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest. From now on every change in WUT will be reflected on all platforms at the same time.

Elije la plataforma donde quieras mostrarte
Una vez conectado ya sólo te queda sonreír :)

Once connected, you only have to smile :)

You will only have to take care of managing each new guest, we will also help you with that. Billing, promotions, packs, and discounts are just some of our tools, enter and discover them all.

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Do you need real-time advice?

In addition, you will always have the support of our Angels who will always advise you whenever you need it at all times.

Each accommodation and city has all the experience and support of our local Angels community.

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