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Once you have selected your new ideal home, your local Angel will send you "The Flight Plan" You can have it all controlled from one place.

Discover our best recommendations such as rooftops, restaurants, supermarkets, easy instructions on how to get to the accommodation, and a variety of activities chosen exclusively by your Angel, adapting it to your dates in the city and the needs of the group.

Hello! I am Maria and I will accompany you throughout your trip!

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The best thing of all is that you will always have your Angel from your mobile to make all the queries you need, they just arise when they arise, that is their appeal. We love our cities and we want to share them!

Sports, Events, Culture, Nature, Gastronomy, we like everything! and each city creates new experiences day after day that will surely surprise you. Talk live with your Angel, a better trip awaits you.

The world belongs to everyone.

We want to continue building bridges and illusions. Our work represents us and your gratifications fill us.

Something new may be happening at every corner, and we want you to be a part. Joining your desire and our knowledge we want to make each trip unforgettable. We look forward to your questions and then share the new stories with laughter.

We count on you, count on us!

You like adventures?

Transfers, tickets, tours, secret terraces ... did someone say sushi, paellas, asados? ... Museums, concerts, nightlife plus a range of unique experiences made by locals, we don't want you to miss anything!

We will make a personalized selection of activities adapted to each group and their travel dates. We will look for the information you request and add it to your flight plan

That easy!

It is time to start the journey.

We know how important it is to have someone from the area and together with your Host we want to improve the experience. And don't worry about extra expenses, our services are totally free. You can collaborate with a tip along with your assessment at the end of the trip if you wish.

If you need help to find your ideal home, or have any questions about the activities, count on us now!

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